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lost on the moon

Question 1

What is a computer scientist? What is a programmer? What skills do they need?

Question 2

How should you learn in this class? What’s necessary for success?

Question 3

What are some advantages and disadvantages to working with others?

Question 4

There’s a hallway with 100 closed lockers against the wall, lined up in a row. You begin by opening every locker, such that every locker is now open. Then, you go to every second locker and close it. Next, you go to every third locker and toggle it - that is, you open it (if it’s closed) and close it (if it’s open). You continue this same process - toggling every fourth locker, then every fifth locker, and so on. After 100 passes (on the last one, you should only toggle locker 100), how many lockers are open?